Saturday, March 01, 2014

Unfollow Interview by John

Well I got slammed on this idea.
so I deleted it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Help the unemployed

Do you know someone that is unemployed?

Yes, how about offering to proofread their resume?
Have you asked them what type of job they are looking for?
No, that's okay. How about you reach out and ask them today?
Have you offered to do a mock interview? I think that might help.

It just seems that the average person can give a few minutes a week to someone that might be having a difficult time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Points Points - Love them Points

Foursquare, Visa, Mastercard, Frequent flyer miles, Office Depot, Ice cream you name it we have a love affair with points.

If you are starting a company and you can incorporate the accumulation of points I would love to see what happens. I hope you survey your clients and they give you feedback about points.

Sometimes I don't even think it is connected to what you get for the points. Just the act of collecting the points motivates people. Do you like points? Please let me know.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Small Business Owners

This country owes a great big thank you to the small business owner.

More often than not these folks sacrifice time, money and health in order to keep their businesses going. If you know of a small business owner that is doing a great job and helping the community please leave a note in the comments.
Here are a few:

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

part two of the Reilley Brennan Interview - Part 1 - Missing!
Listen on the Iphone

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mentor Mentee Information

These are my ramblings regarding how I think the mentor mentee thing would work. I am open to suggestions.

Mentors would provide a mission statement to explain what they would plan to offer a mentee. For me in particular I would commit to 3 hours per week 3 nights a week. Once a mentee picked me, I would go into unavailable status (Not accepting new mentor requests). We would then agree on how long I would work with that person and decide together on a measurable goal. When that point is reached and we feel we achieved our goal, our relationship would go into maintenance status. In maintenance status we may communicate once a month to check on progress. I can put myself back in available status. If the mentee wishes to start the relationship up again, assuming I am available, he can place a request and we can start again. Or, if someone else selects me as a mentor I can help them out.

The mentee would select the mentor based on mission statements. This is a rough draft of what I thought up for my mission statement.

It is my goal to help one individual at a time in the areas of career and personal development. Some specific areas I can help with are: career change, education in and out of the workplace, interpersonal relationships, leadership activities, conflict resolution and negotiation strategies.

I am a 36 year old father of one. I am married to a kindergarten teacher. I have worked in a number of sales and marketing jobs in and out of the automotive industry. I have recently made the decision to change careers. I am a financial advisor.

As far as recognition for the mentors, Perhaps, implement a rating system that would be tied to a satisfaction survey to be filled out by the mentee at the end of the mentorship?

I think that just the act of lending an ear or communicating via email with someone who is going through some type of change or has concerns is a great help. I don't think that reviewing their work would be a good idea for confidentiality reasons.

Here are some answers to questions you might have.

1. Q. Why only 3 hours per night? A. There is going to be specific suggestions that the mentee can take or not take. The mentee will have to engage in these learning activities in order to achieve success.

2. Q. Is that amount of time typical of professional? A. Each individual will have to decide how much time they will be willing to commit to each week. Depending on the experience a mentor may change the amount of time. The mentor might even work with the mentee to settle on a new amount of time based on the experience.

3. Q. What type of professionals would be interested in mentoring? A. All types of professionals mentor. I am not sure what level of participation would take place. Doctors, lawyers, marketing gurus, sales specialists, golf professionals, tennis professionals and personal trainers might all be mentors to individuals considering the profession or to someone involved in a choice to select one of these individuals.

4. Q. What legal issues might a mentor or mentee face? A. This is one where I don't have an answer. However, perhaps there could be some kind of disclaimer that as a mentee you are still responsible for your own decisions and you need to make the final decision.

5. Q. Can a relationship be stopped? A. Sure, a relationship can stop at the mentor's request or the mentee's request. It would be nice if they would try to work it out. Unfortunately, sometimes people just don't connect.

6. Q. Why is this better than a chat room? A. Really you're going to ask that? With the Mentor program, you can look at the individual's mission statement, who they worked for, who recommended them and decide if you want them as a mentor.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Blogs most people miss

Blogs most people miss- sounds like an odd idea right?

Well my thoughts are that everyone deserves a chance to be looked at.

So use the comments to list blogs that do not have a large following but have useful information.

It is easy to look for the top blogs that everyone reads. Lets try to find the obscure ones.

Here are a few: (If I included your blog and you have a large readership please correct me)